• RysTennant


    February 2, 2014 by RysTennant

    5:25 Nehpets700 I need to remind you guys of something I don'tz need babying!!!

    5:28 Goggles99 Get outta yo undies, son.

    5:28 RysTennant 2XD

    5:28 Nehpets700 I hope you meant get into some pants instead...

    5:29 RysTennant .......I AM CRACKING UP IRL

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  • Zihark-Kohai
    • KeplersSo where did you guys leave me?
    • 6:05Zihark-KohaiHiiran.
    • 6:05RysTennantOh, it means the S word.
    • *
    • 6:05Zihark-Kohai...
    • Just like Shizo?
    • 6:06RysTennantWe left you in a spiky pit
    • 6:06Keplers... No, seriously.
    • 6:07Zihark-KohaiUm,
    • We're...
    • On...
    • A train.
    • 6:08KeplersStill?
    • Okay.
    • 6:09RysTennantCHOO CHOO
    • 6:10Keplers*Clack i
    • **
    • "Where are we headed?"
    • 6:10Zihark-Kohai*Runs to *
    • "I'm not sure..."
    • "But I'm scared."
    • *Whimper*
    • 6:10Keplers*Looks down.* "Why, Komie?"
    • 6:12Zihark-Kohai"We...ran into the thing again."
    • "And I scraped my knee."
    • 6:13Keplers"Ow... Let me we it."
    • *see
    • Keyboard lagging is so annoying. Typos everywhere.
    • *Looks down at Komie's leg.*
    • 6:18Zihark-Kohai*Holds up knee for you to see*
    • 6:19Keplers"Mm. It'll get better."
    • "One time my brother was running from the b…
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  • Zihark-Kohai
    • RepComCustoms."Should be easy enough for ya." *settles down into chairs*
    • "That little girl you're holding seems to do the job. You love her, dont you? Use that to push aside whatever's going on in your head."
    • 10:50Zihark-Kohai*Stops crying slowly*
    • 10:51Riolu777*my mind fills with guilt* *I lift Komie off and put her in the chair next to me*
    • "I guess so."
    • 10:51RepComCustoms.*can read your face like a book* "I know what's going on up there. I can see it in your eyes."
    • 10:52Riolu777*my eyes widen* "What??"
    • 10:52RepComCustoms."Oh, by the way. I know what you are."
    • 10:52Riolu777*I cringe and look down*
    • 10:52RepComCustoms."It's ok. Dont be ashamed."
    • 10:53Riolu777"Everyone I've known has told me to."
    • 10:53RepComCustoms."Fuck that then. Go against the flow."…
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  • Zihark-Kohai
    • RepComCustoms.*drinks shake and hums a militaristic tune*
    • 9:58RysTennant"And THAT is why I don't eat ice cream much... "
    • 9:58Riolu777*orders two waffle cones with rocky road*
    • 9:58RysTennant*eats ice cream slowly*
    • 9:58Riolu777*we all sit down*
    • 9:59Zihark-Kohai*Sits on Toby's lap*
    • 9:59Riolu777*sighs*
    • 9:59RepComCustoms.*looks around the parlor and eyes every person*
    • "I should hope we wont have another...adventure...such as we had in the bar, Channing?"
    • 10:00Zihark-Kohai*Makes small happy noises as I eat my ice cream*
    • 10:00Riolu777"...yeah, Mij."
    • 10:01Zihark-Kohai"Yeah, I hope you don't leave me again, too."
    • 10:01RysTennant*hooded figure with scythe on back walks up to the counter*
    • 10:01RepComCustoms."Alright. Good deal, Channing."
    • "We wont, Komie."
    • 10:01Zi…
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  • Zihark-Kohai
    • Keplers*Tries to push Komie off my leg.*
    • 8:43Riolu777So, Rep's doing this.
    • OK.
    • 8:43RepComCustoms.Yes, dingus.
    • 8:43Keplers*Looks at my belt. Noooo gun.*
    • 8:43Zihark-Kohai*Looks at her Daddy with wide grief ridden eyes*
    • 8:44Riolu777*eyes the two*
    • 8:44RepComCustoms.*is nymphing around?*
    • 8:44Keplers"Let me... get my gun.*
    • (LOL. Just do something useful and human or wait. Nymphing is for perverts.)
    • 8:45Zihark-Kohai , look at the crowd you're talking to.
    • 8:45Keplers*Walks over and grabs the revolver. It is broken but fixable.*
    • (SHUT UP . )
    • 8:45Zihark-KohaiD:
    • 8:45RepComCustoms.*leans up against a wall or something*
    • 8:46Riolu777(Don't tell to shut up.)
    • 8:46Keplers(But but but)
    • *Looks back at Komie.*
    • 8:46Zihark-KohaiHe was joking, it's okay.
    • I was too.
    • 8:46Riolu777Oh…
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  • Keplers

    The Aftermath Part VI

    October 6, 2013 by Keplers
      • RysTennant(Wraith)"D@m/\/ it, I missed!"
      • 3:27Keplers*Clack.*
      • 3:27RysTennant"Dats right, suckah! BOOYAH!"
      • 3:27Keplers*Aims revolver.*
      • *BANG.*
      • 3:28Goggles99What harpist?
      • 3:28RysTennant*holds up wand* "Expelliarmus!" *Kep's gun shatters*
      • 3:28Keplers........... NVM Gog.
      • Awkward.
      • 3:28Goggles99Tell me
      • 3:28KeplersMy crush that is doomed never to be because I'll never see her again.
      • Leave it.
      • 3:29Goggles99Seriously??
      • IRL?
      • 3:29Keplers"Crap, that was a new gun..."
      • 3:29RysTennant(Toby) *kicks Wraith in the face*
      • 3:29KeplersYES. LEAVE IT.
      • 3:29Goggles99Where did you meet her?
      • 3:29Keplers*The Wraith is like, fine.*
      • 3:29RysTennant*Wraith's head spins around backwards*
      • 3:29KeplersAt a symphony.
      • 3:30Goggles99Where you a part o…
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  • Zihark-Kohai
    • NOW.
    • WE.
    • RP.
    • 10:07RysTennantYESSS
    • 10:07KeplersCategory:Minor Characters
    • 10:08Zihark-KohaiOh,
    • so you saw all my work?
    • 10:08KeplersRead it. XP
    • Yes, I did.
    • 10:08Zihark-KohaiTOBY.
    • 10:08RysTennantxD
    • 10:08Zihark-KohaiSWEEEET!
    • 10:08KeplersREAD IT, . XD
    • 10:08Oreh-WenOh didn't see you were on . Hi!
    • 10:08Zihark-KohaiWhadya think?
    • 10:08KeplersMuch better now.
    • Oh.
    • 10:09Zihark-Kohai . XD
    • 10:09KeplersI spared you the trouble.
    • 10:09Zihark-KohaiOH GOODNESS. c:
    • Thank you so much.
    • 10:09Keplers
    • 10:10Zihark-KohaiHeya Keo,
    • 10:10Goggles99 !
    • 10:10Zihark-KohaiI had an idea, but I needed your approval.
    • 10:10KeplersMm?
    • 10:10Zihark-KohaiGoggy.
    • Well, I was thinking that perhaps Lallus could have written a book about all of the S family's adventures,
    • and…
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  • Zihark-Kohai
    • Riolu777*charges at hooded figure with knife*
    • 12:02RysTennant*takes out wand and points at Channing* "AVADA KEDAVRA!"
    • 12:02Keplers"BEGONE TO SOMEWHERE."
    • 12:03RysTennant*laughs* "Your spell does NOTHING!"
    • 12:03Keplers*Chuckles.*
    • "Orly."
    • 12:03Riolu777Von, dun act me.
    • 12:03Keplers*Fragments of the skeletal figure are sent to places across the multiverse.*
    • 12:04RysTennant*fragments come back together*
    • "It's not that easy to remove me from this world, fat one."
    • 12:04Zihark-Kohai*Unwraps sucker, but falls asleep curled on the floor before licking it*
    • 12:04Keplers"FAT?!"
    • 12:04Riolu777*tries to stab hooded …
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  • Zihark-Kohai
    • Zihark-Kohai"Yeah..."
    • 11:13Oreh-Wen
    • 11:13Keplers"Your mother didn't even want you. I'm the reason you walk the Earth."
    • 11:14Riolu777*tries to stop listening in*
    • 11:14Zihark-Kohai*Sudden tears*
    • * in eyes
    • "...She didn't want me?" *quavering voice*
    • 11:14Keplers"She was... Strange..."
    • 11:15Riolu777*leaves money on counter* *gets up to leave, still intrigued with the conversation*
    • 11:15Keplers"..."
    • Welcome to the caverns. Beware the traps and trip lines , and trust no one. Good luck.
    •  99 has entered the Caverns. Do with them as you please. 
    • 11:16Zihark-Kohai"I..."
    • 11:17Goggles99Back
    • 11:17Keplers"You're something... special. She didn't want you because of that."
    • 11:17Zihark-Kohai*Bursts into tears, burring head in Goggy's scales*
    • 11:17Oreh-Wen
    • Hi Gogs
    • 11:17Riolu7…
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  • Zihark-Kohai
    • Riolu777Hey, Gogs. You come as leaves.
    • 11:03Goggles99Im c:
    • Using Goggys account
    • 11:03RysTennant.....
    • 11:03Riolu777XD
    • 11:03Goggles99XD
    • 11:03RysTennant
    • 11:03Riolu777Wow. XD
    • Really?
    • Welcome to the caverns. Beware the traps and trip lines , and trust no one. Good luck.
    • 11:04Riolu777Why does everyone give their account info to  ?
    • 11:04RysTennant
    • I don't.
    • 11:04Zihark-KohaiLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. XD
    • 11:04Goggles99Because Im so trustable :3
    • 11:04Zihark-KohaiGoggy, that is too funny. XD
    • 11:04Goggles99XD
    • 11:04Riolu777WAIT
    • 11:04Goggles99*high five*
    • 11:04Riolu777WHAT THE WHATTING WHAT
    • 11:04Zihark-KohaiWHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?
    • 11:05Goggles99WHAT THE FOX?
    • 11:05Riolu777YOU BAST--PEOPLE.
    • 11:05RysTennant
    • 11:05Goggles99The fox knows how to pronounce "Arya"
    • 11:05RysTe…
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  • Zihark-Kohai


    • jumps into the fireplace and burns self*

    10:16 Keplers "My uniform... am I still wearing it? Or did some slut take it while I was drunk? I was drunk, right? That or I was knocked out. Which was it?" 10:16 Zihark-Kohai "Noooo!"

    • Starts to cry*

    10:16 Keplers "Relax, Komachi-whatever." "He is an anomaly. Couldn't die if he.... is trying..." 10:17 Goggles99

    • turns back to main dragon form and flies out the chimney*
    • sighs*

    Welcome to the caverns. Beware the traps and trip lines , and trust no one. Good luck. 10:17 Keplers "Am I wearing my uniform?" 10:17 Zihark-Kohai

    • Puts hands over mouth as I see Goggy do so*
    • looks*
    • Diverts eyes*

    "Ummm..." Bowdrie1999 has entered the Caverns. Do with them as you please. 10:18 Keplers "Is my name on my uniform '…

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  • RysTennant

    MossyCaverns Chat Logs 1

    September 22, 2013 by RysTennant

    9:01 Zihark-Kohai :P RP? 9:03 Keplers Yeah. Let's RP now. 9:03 Zihark-Kohai *Walks into the hotel* 9:03 Riolu777 IDK who I'll be! :P 9:03 Zihark-Kohai "Wait, do we even have any money?" Riolu... Just make a name. :p 9:04 Keplers "... That's very funny of you. I'm sure someone will be willing to donate some." 9:04 Zihark-Kohai Develop the character along the way. :P 9:04 Riolu777 Fine. :p Gogs is coming too. 9:04 Zihark-Kohai "It's funny?" 9:04 Keplers *Walks outside back to the shady side of London.* 9:04 Zihark-Kohai YAYA! 9:04 Riolu777 *walks in awkwardly* 9:04 Zihark-Kohai *Watching Keplers with interest* 9:04 Keplers *PUNCH WHACK AND THERE WENT THE FRONT TEETH.*

    • AND 80£.*

    9:04 RysTennant…

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  • Keplers

    Dark Times Chapter 1

    September 8, 2013 by Keplers

    The canon of storyline... Begins.

    "No! You weren't there when they bombed Starward Base. You didn't see your brothers in arms, your countrymen, dying, groaning in misery, looking at their destroyed bodies. The only reason we gassed New Chicago, if anything, was because the citizens had declared war on us."

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  • Keplers

    Dark Times

    September 6, 2013 by Keplers

    I thought we could have a future-based RP and a special "canon" story to boot. :P

    Pretty much, it's 2250, and the descendants of our current RP characters, whether direct or otherwise, have discovered each other under a reign of an evil, corrupt government based on Earth. It expands far out to the beyond, thanks to technology salvaged from a wrecked alien ship.

    So anyways, they band together to save humankind from oppressive rule. :P

    Some things from the RP (that I will be adding bit by bit):

    File:Image.jpg|Malmek Tek-200. An expensive anti-anything superweapon used by the government. File:Superweapon1.jpg|Malmek Tek-201 Reaper. An anti-capital ship/city weapon designed to reap entire enemy cities or tear enemy cruisers to ribbons. File:Tank1…

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  • Arya Elf

    Secondary Characters

    September 6, 2013 by Arya Elf

    Well, we're starting a new RP.  If anyone wants to make secondary characters for the early RP, (Mine is Shino) then you may, since our characters didn't know each other before the current RP.  The only ones retaining their old characters are Kepler and Agenti, although the latter is missing ATM.  (Possibly RysTennant, too, though that depends on when Kepler S. hired his character, Rys Tennant.)  Thanks, all.


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  • Agenti


    August 17, 2013 by Agenti

    What would everyone think of me making a bot for chat? 

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  • Goggles99

    New user kills everyone!

    August 16, 2013 by Goggles99
    • 3:34 Champion Of Awesomeness Can I join your RP?
    • 3:34 RysTennant sure
    • 3:34 RepComCustoms. Enter.
    • 3:34 Arya Elf If you don't mind swearing,
    • shooting,
    • killing,
    • 3:34 RepComCustoms. Possibly lots of it.
    • 3:34 Arya Elf and monsters. :3
    • 3:34 Champion Of Awesomeness Okay.
    • 3:34 Arya Elf Oh, and flirting...
    • 3:35 Champion Of Awesomeness *Shoots everyone*
    • 3:35 Arya Elf o.O
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  • Nehpets700


    July 12, 2013 by Nehpets700


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  • ColdSteel3277


    July 10, 2013 by ColdSteel3277
    • RepComCustoms.*zombis come out of ground*
    • 9:47Goggles99XD
    • 9:47RepComCustoms.GET TO THE CHOPPA!
    • 9:47Goggles99You still have that old welcome message?!
    • 9:47RepComCustoms.
    • 9:47MossyCavernsFirst thing put in place, I'm half Zombie, Keplets.
    • 9:47Keplers*blasts zombies with a fully-auto.*
    • 9:47MossyCavernsYes, I don't know how to change it.
    • 9:47Goggles99I do
    • 9:47KeplersI'm an awesome Makuta scientist.
    • 9:47Goggles99
    • 9:48MossyCaverns*Starts running towards the choppa, taking out my duel pistols*
    • 9:48KeplersWith a fully-automatic machine gun.
    • 9:48RysTennant
    • 9:48KeplersAnd three Daleks.
    • 9:48RysTennantI'm...IDK what I am
    • 9:48KeplersMuahahaha.
    • 9:48MossyCaverns*Headshots zombie, no scope*
    • (With a pistol. )
    • 9:48Keplers*Mercileessly fires.*
    • May have to go soon.
    • 9:48MossyCave…
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