For the sake of the RP, pretend Channing Tatum never existed in real life and is instead this character in this RP. :3

Channing is a character in the RP.


Thus far, not much is known about Channing's backstory. He was born in relative poverty in central Michigan and was arrested several times for shoplifting throughout his childhood. He did bail out of senior year in high school after his parents died in a terrorist attack to watch after his younger sister, who was later taken from him by Social Services when their trailer was deemed unfit for child care. After fighting grief and debt for a few months, fled to Europe and roamed around, performing in clubs, bars, etc.


Despite his trials, Channing is a caring individual. He has a desire to help others and not see other people go through what he did. Though not bitter, he has a bit of a potty mouth and a light alcohol problem. He also smokes on and off. He also is submissive in most confrontations due to fear of punishment. He is bi, but could never hold a steady boyfriend or girlfriend because of his vagrant lifestyle. Channing is 22.


Muscular and handsome, when he can get clothing, tank tops and t-shirts, jeans and shorts are his typical wardrobe. He's very athletic and hardy and pretty tall. He always has a handy hunter's knife stowed away.


Kepler S.Edit

He is very wary of Kepler, particularly when he's near Komachi. He is not on good terms with him thus far.


He is also not a fan of the wizard, as he ignorantly addresses Channing as "gay" whenever they're with each other.

Komachi S.Edit

Channing has a special bond with Komachi, as she greatly reminds him of his little sister whom he hasn't seen in years. He is very protective of her as a result.

Toby TennantEdit

Channing does not know a lot about Toby thus far.