Vital statistics
Position Archmage
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Very heavy
Species Unknown
Lallus is a wizard from an alternate reality where magic is real and Here Be Dragons beyond the map. He comes to this one occasionally to dabble in our affairs.


Fifty years ago, a skinny teenager walked before the looming black gates of the Wizards, to learn the great arts of magic.
Fifty years later, a fat sixty-five-year-old Archmage walked within the looming black gates of the Wizards, misusing the arts of magic.

He arrived here several times, on one occasion resurrecting Kepler S. and on another turning Maxwell Staley into a newt and summoning a Thing from the Demon Dimensions.


Good-natured, Lallus tries to help, but he is sometimes less a help than a problem. It's hard to believe that this is truly the Last of the Nine Mages of Peleton, The Lord of the Unfulfilled Ring, the Breaker of the Sprite Truce.

It's really sad to know it's all true.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fat, bearded. Brown eyes, white hair. His robe is either red or brown. Hard to tell through the smoke discoloration and the burns and the Dragons'/Faeries' blood/mustard.


  • He bears over 50 titles, mostly from the strange fairyland creatures he has helped or fought. Among them are:
    • The Last of the Nine Mages of Peleton, The Lord of the Unfulfilled Ring, the Holder of the Eighth Key to Aashvon, the Breaker of the Sprite Truce, the Keeper of the Kingdom of Silica, the Court Mage of Xoll, "Orcsgrinder," Eater of Many Delicacies, Great Buffet Champion 15 Years Running, Resmazok of the Xanthari
  • Although he may seem like a bumbling idiot, he is in fact crafty and sharp
  • He sometimes forgets spells and has to use alternates that don't work as well
  • For the record, that rumor about the punch, it isn't- isn't true
  • Lallus is played in the RP by Keplers