Maxwell Staley
Vital statistics
Position Agent
Age Unknown
Status Infected, KIA
Gender Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 6'7
Weight Unknown
Species Unknown
“If you can unlock your lips from mine.” —Maxwell to Carissa Blake

Maxwell Staley is an agent of the CIA, member of Sector 6.  Not much is currently known about him, though it is known that he and Kepler S. were old pals. 


Maxwell's past is shrouded in pain and sadness.  His family was killed in a terrorist bombing, thus backing his decision to go into the army.  After years of serving in Iraq, Staley was discharged from the army for ill behavior.  Now working for the CIA, his reasons for joining Commander Kepler are unknown.  


Maxwell's personality is very unique.  When he's not overly serious, he has a flirtatious attitude. He also has a tendency to find himself intoxicated.  Maxwell is also agnostic.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Maxwell is 6'7" with semi-short brown hair.   His apparel usually inculdes street clothes. He carries around a high caliber pistol and usually a fighting knife. 


Commander KeplerEdit

Maxwell's relationship with Kepler S. is that of friendship.  Between the occasional bickering, the two can be heard talking about former lovers. 

Agent BlakeEdit

Maxwell finds Blake to be an interesting person, though she loathes him greatly.  Thus, she is usually the brunt of his ever flirtatious attitude.  He also dubbed her with the endearing term "Kid".


Maxwell hasn't really learned much about Del.  The two of them share a mutual distrust for each other. Max often jokes about Del's addiction to smoking. 


Maxwell doesn't really like Rhys very much, mostly because Rhys disapproves of his "flirtatious ways".


Maxwell and Doc both end up in similar situations.  Though Max holds no religious beliefs, he has an overall dislike of Doc's lifestyle. 


  • Maxwell is played in the RP by Agenti.