Mira S.
Vital statistics
Position Rebel
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Species Unknown

Mira S. is a RP character from the Dark Times,  the little sister of Robert S. and the cousin of Shijuni S..


Mira is the direct descendant of Kepler and Shino, and the little sister of Robert. When she was born, she was diagnosed with a deadly disease where her bones would not make any more blood cells, so she was given artificial technology blood cells as a test. It worked in part, but she has to be very careful of getting cut, or else she could die easily, because the artificial blood cells do not reproduce.  

Mira is a rebel.


Mira is very fiery and passionate about anything she does, and terribly stubborn, though otherwise sweet.  Because of this, she often disagrees with her brother, who is a loyalist, but she still loves him very much.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mira has brown hair, brown eyes and isn't terribly tall.  


Robert Edit

Mira used to have a very close relationship with her older brother, and he was very protective of her due to her condition, but after the rebelion broke out and Mira sided with them, they stopped talking.  Even so, she still holds him in high regard and loves him very much, thinking of him often.

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