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  • I was born on June 7
  • My occupation is assasin
  • I am either male or female
  • ColdSteel3277


    July 10, 2013 by ColdSteel3277
    • RepComCustoms.*zombis come out of ground*
    • 9:47Goggles99XD
    • 9:47RepComCustoms.GET TO THE CHOPPA!
    • 9:47Goggles99You still have that old welcome message?!
    • 9:47RepComCustoms.
    • 9:47MossyCavernsFirst thing put in place, I'm half Zombie, Keplets.
    • 9:47Keplers*blasts zombies with a fully-auto.*
    • 9:47MossyCavernsYes, I don't know how to change it.
    • 9:47Goggles99I do
    • 9:47KeplersI'm an awesome Makuta scientist.
    • 9:47Goggles99
    • 9:48MossyCaverns*Starts running towards the choppa, taking out my duel pistols*
    • 9:48KeplersWith a fully-automatic machine gun.
    • 9:48RysTennant
    • 9:48KeplersAnd three Daleks.
    • 9:48RysTennantI'm...IDK what I am
    • 9:48KeplersMuahahaha.
    • 9:48MossyCaverns*Headshots zombie, no scope*
    • (With a pistol. )
    • 9:48Keplers*Mercileessly fires.*
    • May have to go soon.
    • 9:48MossyCave…
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