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  • I live in a state of mind that pretends to me it's Germany.
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is not doing anything here anymore.
  • I am not doing anything here anymore.
  • Keplers

    The Aftermath Part VI

    October 6, 2013 by Keplers
      • RysTennant(Wraith)"D@m/\/ it, I missed!"
      • 3:27Keplers*Clack.*
      • 3:27RysTennant"Dats right, suckah! BOOYAH!"
      • 3:27Keplers*Aims revolver.*
      • *BANG.*
      • 3:28Goggles99What harpist?
      • 3:28RysTennant*holds up wand* "Expelliarmus!" *Kep's gun shatters*
      • 3:28Keplers........... NVM Gog.
      • Awkward.
      • 3:28Goggles99Tell me
      • 3:28KeplersMy crush that is doomed never to be because I'll never see her again.
      • Leave it.
      • 3:29Goggles99Seriously??
      • IRL?
      • 3:29Keplers"Crap, that was a new gun..."
      • 3:29RysTennant(Toby) *kicks Wraith in the face*
      • 3:29KeplersYES. LEAVE IT.
      • 3:29Goggles99Where did you meet her?
      • 3:29Keplers*The Wraith is like, fine.*
      • 3:29RysTennant*Wraith's head spins around backwards*
      • 3:29KeplersAt a symphony.
      • 3:30Goggles99Where you a part o…
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  • Keplers

    Dark Times Chapter 1

    September 8, 2013 by Keplers

    The canon of storyline... Begins.

    "No! You weren't there when they bombed Starward Base. You didn't see your brothers in arms, your countrymen, dying, groaning in misery, looking at their destroyed bodies. The only reason we gassed New Chicago, if anything, was because the citizens had declared war on us."

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  • Keplers

    Dark Times

    September 6, 2013 by Keplers

    I thought we could have a future-based RP and a special "canon" story to boot. :P

    Pretty much, it's 2250, and the descendants of our current RP characters, whether direct or otherwise, have discovered each other under a reign of an evil, corrupt government based on Earth. It expands far out to the beyond, thanks to technology salvaged from a wrecked alien ship.

    So anyways, they band together to save humankind from oppressive rule. :P

    Some things from the RP (that I will be adding bit by bit):

    File:Image.jpg|Malmek Tek-200. An expensive anti-anything superweapon used by the government. File:Superweapon1.jpg|Malmek Tek-201 Reaper. An anti-capital ship/city weapon designed to reap entire enemy cities or tear enemy cruisers to ribbons. File:Tank1…

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