• RysTennant


    February 2, 2014 by RysTennant

    5:25 Nehpets700 I need to remind you guys of something I don'tz need babying!!!

    5:28 Goggles99 Get outta yo undies, son.

    5:28 RysTennant 2XD

    5:28 Nehpets700 I hope you meant get into some pants instead...

    5:29 RysTennant .......I AM CRACKING UP IRL

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  • RysTennant

    MossyCaverns Chat Logs 1

    September 22, 2013 by RysTennant

    9:01 Zihark-Kohai :P RP? 9:03 Keplers Yeah. Let's RP now. 9:03 Zihark-Kohai *Walks into the hotel* 9:03 Riolu777 IDK who I'll be! :P 9:03 Zihark-Kohai "Wait, do we even have any money?" Riolu... Just make a name. :p 9:04 Keplers "... That's very funny of you. I'm sure someone will be willing to donate some." 9:04 Zihark-Kohai Develop the character along the way. :P 9:04 Riolu777 Fine. :p Gogs is coming too. 9:04 Zihark-Kohai "It's funny?" 9:04 Keplers *Walks outside back to the shady side of London.* 9:04 Zihark-Kohai YAYA! 9:04 Riolu777 *walks in awkwardly* 9:04 Zihark-Kohai *Watching Keplers with interest* 9:04 Keplers *PUNCH WHACK AND THERE WENT THE FRONT TEETH.*

    • AND 80£.*

    9:04 RysTennant…

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