9:01 Zihark-Kohai :P RP? 9:03 Keplers Yeah. Let's RP now. 9:03 Zihark-Kohai *Walks into the hotel* 9:03 Riolu777 IDK who I'll be! :P 9:03 Zihark-Kohai "Wait, do we even have any money?" Riolu... Just make a name. :p 9:04 Keplers "... That's very funny of you. I'm sure someone will be willing to donate some." 9:04 Zihark-Kohai Develop the character along the way. :P 9:04 Riolu777 Fine. :p Gogs is coming too. 9:04 Zihark-Kohai "It's funny?" 9:04 Keplers *Walks outside back to the shady side of London.* 9:04 Zihark-Kohai YAYA! 9:04 Riolu777 *walks in awkwardly* 9:04 Zihark-Kohai *Watching Keplers with interest* 9:04 Keplers *PUNCH WHACK AND THERE WENT THE FRONT TEETH.*

  • AND 80£.*

9:04 RysTennant


Goggles 99 has entered the Caverns. Do with them as you please. 9:04 Zihark-Kohai *Thinks about the time I taught Kitty to pick-pocket* 9:04 Keplers *Walks back to hotel* 9:04 RysTennant Hi Gogs. o/ 9:05 Keplers "I stealthily acquired some more cash." 9:05 Zihark-Kohai *Laughs* "Stealthily?" 9:05 Riolu777 *stares blankly at everyone* (IDK what to do. :P ) 9:06 Keplers "Yes. Compared to some more blunt methods, yes. I mean, take it this way, he still doesn't know what hit him." 9:06 Zihark-Kohai *Notices Chrissy staring at me* 9:06 Keplers *Pats holster and gets a room.* 9:06 Riolu777 *notices Arya staring back and looks away* 9:06 Zihark-Kohai *Pokes Kepler and motions in Chrissy's direction* 9:07 Keplers "Mmh?" 9:07 Goggles99 I saw the weirdest meme involcing Sirius Black ever o_o .... 9:07 Keplers *Notices the strange guy.* 9:07 RysTennant What is it, Gogs? :P 9:07 Keplers *Imitates a Scottish accent.* "OI, YOO!" "WHATCHA STARIN' AT, MON?" 9:07 RysTennant :{P 9:07 Keplers *Sayo begins to Facepalm.* 9:07 Riolu777 *steps back aghast* 9:07 Keplers *Capital F.+ "YOO JUS' STAAARIN' AT M' BETROTHED. YOO WANNA FI', MON?" 9:08 Goggles99 Rys its not chat-appropriate :{P Sorry 9:08 Riolu777 "I'm not looking at her!" 9:08 Goggles99 Adults only 9:08 Keplers "AH CAN PU' UP A FI'!!"

  • Raises fists.*

9:08 Riolu777 "She's not that hot actually anyway." 9:08 Keplers "OO, NOO YOO GONE 'N DUN I'!!!"

  • Punches Rio in the gut.*

9:08 Riolu777 *stumbles over*

  • wheezes*

9:08 Keplers "AN' MAY *THA* LEARN YA!"

  • Turns back to the elevator and pushes the call button.*

9:09 Zihark-Kohai "Kepler!"

  • Looks horrified*
  • Runs over to Chrissy*

9:09 Keplers (I think only Rys got the accent thing. (Xd2) ) 9:09 Riolu777 *chokes out* "I...didn't mean..." 9:09 RysTennant Uh huh. :P 9:09 Riolu777 *falls face down* 9:09 Zihark-Kohai "Are...are you okay?"

  • O_O *

9:09 Keplers *Ding. The elevator opens.* 9:10 Zihark-Kohai *Kneels next to you* 9:10 Keplers "ACH. LEEV 'IM ALOON. 'E'S ANUDDER OF DEM WIMMIN STEALAHS." 9:10 Zihark-Kohai Accent thing? :P The ones your friends hate? :P

  • one

9:10 Keplers ... YES EXACTLY. (XD) 9:10 Riolu777 *coughs and gets up slowly* 9:10 Zihark-Kohai Yes, then I got it. "{ 9:10 Riolu777 *exhales* 9:10 Zihark-Kohai * :P 9:10 Riolu777 "Pheewwww...." 9:10 Keplers I'm testing it out under my breath before typing it so I can get it right. :P 9:10 Riolu777 "That hurt." 9:10 Zihark-Kohai "Kepler? Why are you that?" "Awwwww..." 9:11 Keplers "It.. Sounded British." 9:11 Riolu777 "But I'm alright, miss."

  • stands up fully*

9:11 Zihark-Kohai *Looks concerned* "You sure?" 9:11 Riolu777 "Yep." 9:11 Zihark-Kohai "Ummmmm, Okay, Kepler?" 9:11 Riolu777 "Well, anyway, good day." 9:11 Keplers "... Yeah." 9:11 Riolu777 *starts to exit* 9:11 Zihark-Kohai *Still looks concerned* "Wait..." 9:11 Riolu777 "Hmm? " 9:11 Keplers *Looks at the people that have stopped and stared.* 9:12 Zihark-Kohai "You any good at killing Vampires?" 9:12 Keplers "No problem, folks! Just filming for a show... Uh... Uh..." 9:12 Zihark-Kohai *Quietly*

  • Inwardly smirks*

9:12 Riolu777 "Those...don't exist...?" 9:12 Keplers *Whispers* "What show has a Scottish guy with an American accent? Or vice versa?" 9:12 Zihark-Kohai *Smiles knowingly* 9:12 Keplers "Uh... Err....... Torchwood! Yah." 9:12 Zihark-Kohai Two whom did you whisper? :P 9:12 Keplers *They don't believe me.* To you. :P 9:13 Riolu777 (I'm only 18, BTW. :P ) 9:13 Zihark-Kohai "I...don't know." I'm only 17. :p 9:13 Riolu777 Oh. :p 9:13 Keplers "Well. We're filming for A show with torches, at least. Or wood. One of the two. Goodbye."

  • Walks into the elevator.*

9:13 Zihark-Kohai "Yes they do!" 9:13 Riolu777 "Look, I can't go into show biz. I'm on the run." 9:13 Goggles99 9:13 Zihark-Kohai *Smiles brilliantly* 9:13 Riolu777 "So, no, I can't 'kill' vampires." 9:13 Zihark-Kohai "All the more reason!" 9:14 Keplers LOL GOG 9:14 Zihark-Kohai XP 9:14 RysTennant xD 9:14 Riolu777 *doesn't get it* :P 9:14 RysTennant Sirius Black and Severus Snape... :P 9:14 Riolu777 "Seriously, miss, I can't. I have to go..." 9:14 Keplers :P 9:14 RysTennant WATCH HARRY POTTER


9:15 Goggles99 Theres a guy in the movie called Sirius :P 9:15 Keplers *Drags Rio into the elevator.* 9:15 Goggles99 Which sonds like "serious" 9:15 Keplers *Pushes the close button and pulls Shino in.+ 9:15 Goggles99 9:15 Zihark-Kohai *Leans head against Kepler* 9:15 Riolu777 "What the heck, people?!" 9:15 Keplers "Alright, dude. We're not fighting stupid gay bloodsucking fools with fake six packs." 9:15 Goggles99 o_o 9:15 Keplers "We're fighting real vampires." 9:15 Riolu777 *looks petrified* "" 9:15 Goggles99 Wat the brik 9:15 RysTennant HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL GOGS :P AWESOME MEME 2xD 9:16 Zihark-Kohai XP 9:16 Goggles99 Thank you Rys :) 9:16 Keplers "That said." 9:16 RysTennant NP xDDD 9:16 Keplers "Wll you help us?"

  • Scott wonders when they'll realize he isn't in the elevator.*

9:16 Zihark-Kohai LOL, I didn't realize that. :P 9:16 Riolu777 "Look, I can't fight." 9:16 Zihark-Kohai I had forgotten about Sayo. XP 9:16 Riolu777 "And I should be miles away from here by now." 9:17 Keplers "Good, we need bait." 9:17 Zihark-Kohai Shino 9:17 Keplers "Especially bait that needs to run." 9:17 Riolu777 "Bait?!" 9:17 Keplers Yeah, we're taking you to Germany." 9:17 Riolu777 "Oh jeez." 9:17 Keplers "You know they have two alcoholic holidays there. Oktoberfest and Ale-Mas." 9:17 Goggles99 *kills everyone* (hp2) 9:17 Riolu777 "I can't even drink." 9:18 Goggles99 "Alright, dude. We're not fighting stupid gay bloodsucking fools with fake six packs." <<<<<THAT QUOTE is goin' on mah userpage quotes list ASAP (spy) 9:18 Keplers "Well that good." 9:18 RysTennant Got any more memes, Gogs? :P 9:18 Keplers LOL :P 9:18 RysTennant Gogs... :P 9:19 Zihark-Kohai Goggy, when you joining? Sten, you should start plotting. :p How you're gonna kill me, I mean. 9:19 RysTennant Yeah :P 9:19 Zihark-Kohai remember, it has to be on the train. :p 9:19 Riolu777 "But...I guess I'll join you...guys." 9:19 RysTennant with a knife? :D


9:19 Zihark-Kohai want to. :p You should be Kepler's mortal enemy. :P 9:19 Keplers *Ding.* 9:19 Riolu777 Stop discussing and RP, people. :p 9:19 Zihark-Kohai And will do anything to kill him or the people he loves. 9:19 Keplers Yeah, you're gonna kill my pregnant wife, if he wasn't a mortal enemy before he will be. :P 9:19 Zihark-Kohai :P XP 9:20 RysTennant :P 9:20 Zihark-Kohai GOGGLES . :P WHEN ARE YOU JOINING? :P 9:20 Riolu777 *looks down feverishly* CAN YOU GUYS RP, ALREADY? :P 9:20 Zihark-Kohai *Takes Chissy's hand* "It's okay, dear." 9:20 Keplers "Everyone off the elevator." 9:21 Riolu777 *eyes widen* "Uhh..* 9:21 Keplers *They left without me... Again."

9:21 Zihark-Kohai "What do you know how to do?"

  • Walks off the elevator*

9:21 Keplers "He's probably an accountant." 9:21 Zihark-Kohai Shino isn't afraid of elevators. O_O "Wait..." "Was that an elevator we were on?" 9:21 Riolu777 "I can...cook, sew, mess with a computer, fish..." 9:21 Zihark-Kohai * O_O * 9:21 Keplers "If we're lucked he's also medium rare." 9:21 Riolu777 "Not much else." 9:21 Zihark-Kohai *Starts feeling dizzy* 9:21 Keplers "that was an elevator."

  • They just left. -.-*

9:22 Zihark-Kohai "'s good...sir?" 9:22 Keplers "Nononononononnononono..." 9:22 Zihark-Kohai *Clutches at Kepler's arm* 9:22 Keplers *Pulls you up and drags/carries/walks you to the room door.* "He, you there! 9:22 Riolu777 "Can we get out of here? Soon" ? "What/" ? 9:23 Keplers "Sewing guy!" 9:23 Riolu777 *grimaces* "Yesss?" 9:23 Keplers "You know how to make someone unclaustrophobic?" 9:23 Zihark-Kohai *Closes eyes&

  • *

9:23 Keplers "Do it now." 9:23 Riolu777 "I..." 9:23 Keplers *Opens door and walks into room.* "Good luck." 9:23 Zihark-Kohai Drags. (XP) Lol. :P 9:24 Riolu777 "I hear a euphoric experience can counter it." "Drugs, kissing..." "Anything like that." 9:24 Keplers "I've got plenty of both, how convenient."

  • Opens suitcase on bed and pulls out a small handful of plants.*

9:25 Riolu777 *looks down at my watch* 9:25 Keplers "Buuuut the drugs aren't quite ready......" "Kissing works?" 9:25 Riolu777 "Should." 9:25 Keplers "Oh, okay."

  • Takes Shino and kisses her passionately.*

9:25 Riolu777 *looks away casually* 9:25 RysTennant Arya PM 9:26 Keplers "Alright, now... Germany." 9:26 Zihark-Kohai *Opens eyes*

  • Stops feeling so dizzy*

9:26 Keplers "Personally I liked Barcelona better but there aren't Vampyres there. Just dogs... With.... Hhhhhhhahahaha..." 9:26 Riolu777 Shooooot my bro almost saw this. 9:27 RysTennant Keply... (fp)


9:27 Keplers :P 9:27 RysTennant DW is in this? :{P 9:27 Riolu777 "Is there a chair I can sit down on?" 9:27 Keplers No. :P Just as many references as possible. :P 9:27 RysTennant Ah. :P 9:27 Keplers Like earlier with the Scottish accent. 9:27 Goggles99 "Moooom!!! Chris is talking about drugs and kisssinnggg! D: " 9:27 Keplers "Yeah, chair over there." 9:28 RysTennant LOL GOGS :P 9:28 Riolu777 IKR GOGS. :P 9:28 Keplers XD 9:28 Riolu777 "Thanks." *walks over to it and buries my head in my hands* "Ibuprofen too?" 9:29 Zihark-Kohai *Looks concerned* 9:29 RysTennant *dark robed figure bashes down the door and whips out sword and a pistol* 9:29 Keplers "... Is heroin good enough?" 9:29 Zihark-Kohai *Wonders how many rooms we have*

  • Jumps*

9:29 RysTennant "Hello, Keply." *laughs evilly* 9:29 Keplers "OH YOU JUST *_€\ED WITH THE WRONG GUY."

  • Literally takes the guy, smashes him through the glass door and tosses him off the balcony.*

"I've had enough today." 9:30 RysTennant *uses a jetpack to get back up and smacks Kepler in the face with brass knuckles* 9:30 Keplers *Ow.* 9:30 Zihark-Kohai "KEPLER!" 9:30 Riolu777 "No, I'm NOT going back to that stuff, sir." 9:30 RysTennant "But I've only STARTED having fun!!" *cackles* 9:30 Keplers *To the rescue, a guy in a hat punches the assassin with a cast-iron mug.* 9:31 RysTennant "UGH." *falls out of window unconscious* 9:31 Keplers *His trench coat blows in the wind as he whips out his revolver and points it at the guy's face * 9:31 Zihark-Kohai *Fingers knife, but stays back, figuring Kepler can handle himself*

  • and Sayo*

9:31 Riolu777 *hides behind the bed* 9:31 Keplers "Hopefully he won't come back. I can never leave you two alone" 9:31 Zihark-Kohai *Sighs* 9:31 Keplers *Sayo dusts off his hat.* 9:31 Zihark-Kohai "Since when?" 9:31 RysTennant OOC: I want a GOOD GUY character too (BH)


9:32 Zihark-Kohai Fine. :P 9:32 Keplers "So, what was this about heroin?" 9:32 Zihark-Kohai You can have one. c: 9:32 Keplers OOC: He just got OWNED. :P 9:32 RysTennant Yayz :P 9:32 Riolu777 *looks up over the bed* 9:32 Keplers You NEED one. :P 9:32 Zihark-Kohai Shino 9:32 RysTennant OOC: Heck yeah :P 9:32 Zihark-Kohai You could be Sten. c: 9:32 Riolu777 "I'm not taking heroin. Or any other drug. Not again." 9:32 RysTennant Suuuure. :P 9:32 Zihark-Kohai I mean, Kepler did hire him in 2009, right? 9:32 Keplers "But ibuprofen is fine." 9:32 RysTennant Yep. :P 9:32 Keplers Yeah. 9:33 Zihark-Kohai Guess what! It's 2009. :P 9:33 RysTennant *I run over to the bashed down door* 9:33 Keplers Nice Biography, Arya. 9:33 Riolu777 "I'll have some, please." 9:33 Zihark-Kohai Thank you. :P 9:33 Keplers "Who the hell are you, anyways?" 9:33 RysTennant "CRAP he got away!" 9:33 Zihark-Kohai It needs to be depth, though." 9:33 RysTennant "Did someone just break in here?" 9:33 Keplers *Tosses you ibuprofen.* 9:33 Zihark-Kohai * no " "Ummm, yes..." 9:33 Keplers "Who. The hell. Are you." 9:33 RysTennant "I'm Rys Tennant. I was hunting down the guy who broke in." 9:34 Keplers "Oh. You can check him out downstairs. Just lean over the balcony railing." "My brother decided to show him the pool." 9:34 RysTennant "Alrighty."

  • leans over*

"There's nothing there." 9:34 Riolu777 *takes some ibuprofen* 9:34 Keplers *Looks over.* "Missed it by *THAT* much." 9:34 Riolu777 *stands up shakily* 9:34 Zihark-Kohai *Looks at Rio* "What's your name, sir?" 9:35 Riolu777 "Nathan." 9:35 Keplers "His name is B. Ates from now on." 9:35 RysTennant "*mutters foul things under breath* he got away!" 9:35 Zihark-Kohai *Smiles* "That's a nice name." 9:36 Keplers "No, he went splat. Scott, you hit him with a cast-iron mug." 9:36 RysTennant "I need to find him before he causes any more trouble. David Thunderstorm is very dangerous." 9:36 Riolu777 "...thanks." 9:36 Zihark-Kohai *Turns* 9:36 Keplers OOC: Yeah he's a dupe. :P 9:36 Zihark-Kohai "Who?" 9:36 RysTennant "Heh, it's not that easy to kill him." OOC: 2xD :P "David is the guy who broke in." 9:36 Keplers "What's dangerous about him? Other than having a certain weakness toward highly moral brothers?" 9:37 Riolu777 *stumbles into the bathroom* *pukes into the toilet* *comes back out* 9:37 RysTennant "Once he's been hired to kill, he won't stop." 9:37 Keplers "Heroin would have avoided the vomit." *Looks back at Rys.* 9:37 RysTennant "And I think he could handle that smack in the face." 9:38 Keplers "Who even knows we exist? We're eight people all over the US military" 9:38 RysTennant "Whoever he works for does." 9:38 Keplers "Navy guys stationed for sea monsters, Air Force guys for UFOs, army guys like me..." "Army." "I DO get noticed a lot." 9:38 Riolu777 "No, that was from stress, sir." 9:38 Keplers *Thinks back to twenty minutes ago.* "Heroin still would've kept the vomit in." 9:39 Riolu777 "I'm NOT taking that stuff." 9:39 Keplers "You'd be too high to vomit. (Rea) " 9:39 RysTennant "I could do with your help, Mister...?" 9:39 Riolu777 "And it's been a stressful past few weeks. Just...let me be."

  • plops myself on the bed*

9:39 Keplers "My help? With what?" 9:39 Goggles99 *wakes up* 9:39 RysTennant "Getting David." 9:39 Goggles99 "Dude get out of my bed" o.o 9:40 Keplers "Hm... Maybe. What do you do for a living?" "Are you government, too?" 9:40 RysTennant "I'm a mercenary." 9:40 Riolu777 *sees a guy in the bed*

  • screams*
  • jumps off*

9:40 Keplers "Hm... Let's make a deal. I help you with this psycho, you help me with these Vampyres." 9:41 RysTennant "....Vampyres don't exist.... (ys) " 9:41 Riolu777 "That's what I thought too."" "They haven't backed it up." 9:41 Keplers "ASPMU knows they're real." "So does some weird dude we saw in a tavern..." 9:42 Zihark-Kohai *Stares at Goggles * "Who are you?" 9:42 Riolu777 "ASPMU..." ? 9:42 Goggles99 *stares back* IDEK lol


9:42 Keplers "American Special Paranormal/Monster Unit." 9:42 Goggles99 Who are you gys? 9:42 Riolu777 "Why were you in this bed?" 9:42 Keplers Kepler S., Scott S., and.... Eventually Lallus. :P 9:42 RysTennant "Because it's where he sleeps? (uh) " 9:42 Riolu777 'But it's not his room, smartass." 9:43 Keplers For now I'm only Kepler and Scott is just standing around. 9:43 Riolu777 "Even I can figure that out." 9:43 Keplers "Yeah it's mine." 9:43 Goggles99 Really 9:43 Keplers "Want me to kick you all out?" 9:43 Goggles99 What are your guy's characters?


9:43 Zihark-Kohai Shino is me. 9:43 Keplers Kepler S., Rys Tennant. Rio is improvising. 9:43 Zihark-Kohai Chrissy is still making his. 9:43 Riolu777 I'm Nathan, the guy with no page and so far no none backstory. :p 9:43 RysTennant *stamps on Nathan's foot with spurs* "Try calling me "smartass" again. -_-" 9:44 Zihark-Kohai Sayo 9:44 Riolu777 *known 9:44 Zihark-Kohai Tat 9:44 Keplers "Smart as."


9:44 RysTennant .... :P 9:44 Zihark-Kohai * that is Kepler's other character 9:44 Riolu777 *squeals in pain* 9:44 Goggles99 Shino is hawwt 9:44 Zihark-Kohai *Looks at Sten in horror* 9:44 Keplers Yeah and you will look at the relationships section. 9:44 Riolu777 "That's it! I'm out of here!" 9:44 Zihark-Kohai Lol, not as hot as Mira S. 9:44 Riolu777 *runs out* 9:44 RysTennant ... :P 9:44 Keplers Mira is hot. And she's single too. :P 9:44 Zihark-Kohai *Runs after Nathan* And she's Kepler's sis. :P 9:45 RysTennant "Bye." *waves to Nathan* 9:45 Keplers ".... Smartass." 9:45 Zihark-Kohai So Kepler can't date her. c:


9:45 Keplers (troll) 9:45 Zihark-Kohai "Nathan!!!!" 9:45 RysTennant *kicks Kepler in the shin* "Enough insults, or I won't help you." 9:45 Keplers "Right, right." 9:45 Goggles99 WAIT 9:45 Keplers "So our job... We do everything." 9:45 Riolu777 *looks back tearfully* "What?!?" 9:45 Goggles99 Rys has the same character?! 9:46 Riolu777 "What do YOU want now?!" 9:46 Goggles99 Why didn't he make a new one?? 9:46 Keplers "We repel alien attack, we fight monsters, ghosts..." 9:46 Goggles99 :P 9:46 RysTennant ...I did :P David Thunderstorm 9:46 Keplers Because he is from the prequels, too. So am I. 9:46 Zihark-Kohai *Touches Nate's cheek* 9:46 RysTennant "Sounds like an interesting job." 9:46 Zihark-Kohai "It's okay!"

  • Takes your hand*

9:46 Keplers We are founding members of Mossy Caverns: Rys, Kepler, Scott, and Shino 9:46 Riolu777 "No it's not! Life has not been okay!" 9:46 Zihark-Kohai "Kepler and Sayo are better when you get to know them." 9:46 Goggles99 Ermagersh Kirot pics on this wiki that I didn't upload!!!!!!!!!!!1 BLASPHEMY

  • Kirito

9:47 Zihark-Kohai "Heh, you're telling me!" 9:47 Keplers "It is interesting." 9:47 Riolu777 "And it's not just them. The last few months have been hell." 9:47 Zihark-Kohai *Starts gently pulling you back to the room* 9:47 Riolu777 'I don't want more of it." 9:47 Zihark-Kohai "We can help change that!" 9:47 Riolu777 *wipes my eyes with my sleeves quickly* 9:47 RysTennant "I never asked....what's your name?" 9:47 Zihark-Kohai *Shino starts to genuinely like Nathan*

  • Hugs Nate*

9:48 Riolu777 *eyes widen* 9:48 Keplers "In my year here, I've fought against things with more than 42 powers, monsters with more eyes than tentacles, and something called the Pyroni but that's a different story." "I'm Warrant Officer Kepler S." 9:48 Riolu777 *tries to get out of the hug(

9:48 RysTennant "Glad to meet you, Sir." 9:48 Keplers "We also saw this insane villain that was practically bulletproof but only for a brief second before he teleported out..." 9:48 Zihark-Kohai Dude, I'm only 5'5. It shouldn't be that hard.. :P 9:49 Keplers "He had these.. Teeth." "White teeth." 9:49 Riolu777 I'm sorta a weakling. :P 9:49 Keplers "Cape." 9:49 Zihark-Kohai So? c: 9:49 Riolu777 *pushes away* "Sorry..." 9:49 Zihark-Kohai *Blinks&

  • *

9:49 Riolu777 "Just...: " 9:49 Keplers "... Right, you guys need places to sleep?" 9:49 Riolu777 'Never mind, Let's go back." 9:49 RysTennant "The floor fits me fine, sir." :P 9:50 Riolu777 *we walk back to the room* 9:50 Zihark-Kohai *Wonders if I can take your hand again* 9:50 Keplers "You aren't staying here." 9:50 Zihark-Kohai *Walks back*

  • Smiles at Kepler's comment*

9:50 Keplers *Scott sorta notices this and wonders how long the engage,ent will last.+ 9:51 Zihark-Kohai * engagement 9:51 Riolu777 "I can go sleep out by the dumpster out back..." 9:51 Keplers *About 48 hours. Then it will be either marriage or total failure. Heheh." 9:51 Zihark-Kohai * * XP 9:51 Keplers No, it was half quotes. 9:51 RysTennant OOC: Who isn't staying? Rys or Nathan? :P 9:51 Keplers BOTH. :P 9:52 RysTennant ... :P 9:52 Zihark-Kohai In this room, at least, he's saying. 9:52 Keplers No one is staying in here. :P 9:52 RysTennant *walks out of room* "Fine, I'll keep guard out here. -_-" 9:52 Keplers Not anymore, I don't think. :P 9:52 RysTennant "Don't blame me if Dave sneaks in and kills you all. He'd think it pretty funny." 9:53 Keplers Or you can stay in the room with a slight draught. 9:53 Zihark-Kohai *Looks at Goggy* "Sir?" 9:53 Keplers "Kill us all? Not likely." 9:53 Riolu777 "I really can make do outside..." 9:53 Keplers "See, this is why I want a mini gun on my arm..." 9:53 RysTennant OOC: xDDDDDDDD 9:53 Zihark-Kohai "No, that wouldn't do, Nathan." 9:53 Riolu777 "It's fine. I'm used to it." 9:54 Zihark-Kohai "Still not okay!" 9:54 Keplers "I've got money, you're all getting rooms. 9:54 Zihark-Kohai "You're part of the team now."

  • Smiles appreciatively at Kepler*

9:54 Keplers "Even if he's bait..." 9:55 Goggles99 Yeah Arya? 9:55 Keplers *A strange person walks past, saying "Fate drew us all together, trust me, you will know," while passing* 9:55 Riolu777 "Well, OK then...: " 9:56 Keplers "Alright. Here's 60£ for all of you. Get a room." "If not a life." 9:56 RysTennant "Do I count as part of the team now?" 9:56 Riolu777 "sheepishly exits* 9:56 RysTennant *walks towards a room* 9:57 Keplers "Yes, you do." 9:57 Riolu777 *gets on an elevator* 9:57 RysTennant "Ah, thanks."

  • opens a room door and goes in*

9:57 Riolu777 Rys, he gave you money to buy a room. :P 9:57 Keplers PThis was a long scene. :P 9:57 Goggles99 "GET OUT OF MY ROOM" 9:57 Riolu777 Not open a room with a magically unlocked door. :p 9:57 Keplers XP 9:58 Goggles99 *throws shoes at Rys* 9:58 Keplers I mean, this scene starts right when we got in the elevator. The last scene ends after the acottish accent. :P 9:58 Riolu777 *comes back with a room key* 9:58 Keplers *Scottish 9:58 Goggles99 "'Wait...was that an elevator we were on???" —Shino to Kepler 9:58 RysTennant OK FINE *buys a room and then goes in to it* (ANNOYED) 9:58 Keplers :P 9:58 RysTennant :P 9:58 Riolu777 "Mine's across from yours, sir Keplers." 9:58 Keplers "Ah, that's good." 9:58 Goggles99 Sir Keplers + Nathan (heart) 9:59 Riolu777 ... 9:59 RysTennant ...... :P 9:59 Goggles99 Lol Im sorry 9:59 Keplers Sir Keplers + Shino = A happy marriage.


9:59 Riolu777 *walks into my room and closes the door* 9:59 Goggles99 I just love disrupting RP until I can make a character :P 9:59 RysTennant :P 9:59 Goggles99 *Until Arya lets me make a character 9:59 Keplers *CLOSES DOOR.* 10:00 Goggles99 *slams door* 10:00 Keplers ==TIME ELAPSED: 8 HOURS==