• RepComCustoms."Should be easy enough for ya." *settles down into chairs*
  • "That little girl you're holding seems to do the job. You love her, dont you? Use that to push aside whatever's going on in your head."
  • 10:50Zihark-Kohai*Stops crying slowly*
  • 10:51Riolu777*my mind fills with guilt* *I lift Komie off and put her in the chair next to me*
  • "I guess so."
  • 10:51RepComCustoms.*can read your face like a book* "I know what's going on up there. I can see it in your eyes."
  • 10:52Riolu777*my eyes widen* "What??"
  • 10:52RepComCustoms."Oh, by the way. I know what you are."
  • 10:52Riolu777*I cringe and look down*
  • 10:52RepComCustoms."It's ok. Dont be ashamed."
  • 10:53Riolu777"Everyone I've known has told me to."
  • 10:53RepComCustoms."Fuck that then. Go against the flow."
  • 10:53Riolu777"..."
  • 10:54RepComCustoms.*sings Runnin' Against the Wind
  • Against the wind We were runnin' against the wind We were young and strong, we were runnin' Against the wind
  • 10:54Riolu777*I exchange looks between Mij and Komie*
  • 10:54RepComCustoms.*Mij drifts off to sleep*

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