• jumps into the fireplace and burns self*

10:16 Keplers "My uniform... am I still wearing it? Or did some slut take it while I was drunk? I was drunk, right? That or I was knocked out. Which was it?" 10:16 Zihark-Kohai "Noooo!"

  • Starts to cry*

10:16 Keplers "Relax, Komachi-whatever." "He is an anomaly. Couldn't die if he.... is trying..." 10:17 Goggles99

  • turns back to main dragon form and flies out the chimney*
  • sighs*

Welcome to the caverns. Beware the traps and trip lines , and trust no one. Good luck. 10:17 Keplers "Am I wearing my uniform?" 10:17 Zihark-Kohai

  • Puts hands over mouth as I see Goggy do so*
  • looks*
  • Diverts eyes*

"Ummm..." Bowdrie1999 has entered the Caverns. Do with them as you please. 10:18 Keplers "Is my name on my uniform 'K... Kepler S.'?" "And is the year 2016?" 10:18 Goggles99

  • hovers, lover down at everyone, unsure what to do*
  • looking

10:18 Zihark-Kohai "It IS 1016,'t...seen to be wearing one.

  • "

10:19 Keplers "... No uniform." "Then what am I wearing." 10:19 Zihark-Kohai "..." "Sir..." "You aren't." 10:19 Keplers "Mmh. OHF."

  • Looks around.*

10:19 RysTennant "ur naked (troll) " 10:19 Keplers ..... :P 10:19 RysTennant


10:20 Keplers

  • Finds uniform.*

10:20 RysTennant "Did someone drill a peephole in my bathroom?" -Toby


10:20 Zihark-Kohai

  • Puts hands over eyes and curls over my knees*

10:20 Keplers "Told you some slut took it..." *Hops into pants.* "See, I quit fighting monsters because I ended up doing this too often..." *Slides shirt on.* 10:20 Goggles99

  • lands again*

10:21 Zihark-Kohai

  • Runs up to Goggy, and jumps to put my arms around his neck*

10:21 Goggles99 "Kep, y u so naked?!" (yuno) 10:21 Keplers "And I'm tired of doing both the monsters and the girls. Well, not so much the girls as both combined..." *Puts cap on.* 10:21 Goggles99

  • covers Arya s eyes with dragon paw*

10:21 Zihark-Kohai (Scratch that, I am seven.) 10:21 Keplers "Do I still have my gun." 10:22 Zihark-Kohai

  • Cuddles up to Danny*

10:22 Goggles99

  • turns back to human form*
  • hugs Marta back*

10:23 Keplers "Who are you people." 10:23 Zihark-Kohai

  • Komachi

"I told you that I'm Komachi." (Komachi is seven, can't be affected by alcohol, and is also bulletproof. She's an orphan, and is being raised by Goggy's character) 10:24 Goggles99 I am The Accursed 10:24 Bowdrie1999

  • summons Parthurnaax*

10:25 Zihark-Kohai If we start a new RP now, it should be called "Aftermath". 10:25 Keplers "Eggh. I liked my team. I wish they didn't all die. Well, they didn't all die, but they left me if they didn't die." Why aftermath?

  • A

10:25 Zihark-Kohai Because. (ER) 10:26 Goggles99 Aftermath? My goodness... So epic 10:26 Zihark-Kohai After the team broke up, this is what happened to Kepler . (ER) 10:26 Goggles99 9sie)

  • (sie)

10:26 Keplers Oh. That's a stupid reason. :P It just starts with him drunk. :P 10:27 Zihark-Kohai


No, the world could be semi-falling apart, too. c: And that's what starts the fall to the Dark Times. c: Aftermath. c: 10:27 Keplers Hm. It IS 2016. :P Obama just finished his work. :P Username.. XD "Eh, guys..." "Mmmh." 10:31 Goggles99

Arya your character reminds me of Yui from SAO

10:32 Keplers "Ggh." 10:33 Zihark-Kohai Hm. 10:33 Keplers "Didja see Iran last week? Beautiful. Almost looked like, like... where's it," "Where the Jews were. Bad gang place." "Slang." 10:34 Zihark-Kohai "Uhhh..." 10:34 Keplers "Eh. Ghetto. YEah." 10:34 Goggles99 "Like a G6" 10:35 Keplers "So said that." "What do you weirdos do for a living." 10:36 Zihark-Kohai XD " too young to do anything, sir." 10:36 Keplers "How old are you? I'm too fucking drunk to tell how old anyone is anymore." (He really has a head about as foggy as Britain on a bad day :P ) 10:37 Zihark-Kohai XD 10:37 Goggles99 "I travel from town to town taking whatever's available" 10:37 Zihark-Kohai "I'm Seven, sir." 10:37 Goggles99 "Accent on the *taking* " 10:37 Keplers "Seven. YEars. Old." 10:37 Zihark-Kohai "Yes, sir."


10:38 Keplers "I'm... what... close to twenty-seven, I think, er." 10:38 Zihark-Kohai "That's nice, sir." 10:38 Goggles99 Lol this is cool 10:38 Keplers XP "Mmh. So what are you doing with the anomaly? Oh and where is anomaly from?" 10:39 Goggles99 "Kom, dont 'sir' him. He's a deadbeat" 10:39 Keplers "Don't say from Earth, you're either a hybrid or from the other place, where magic exists." 10:40 Bowdrie1999

  • Pedo bear pops out from behind a tree* ._.

Bowdrie1999 was a spy and has been knocked unconscious by Keplers . 10:40 Goggles99 NOT PEDO BEAR 10:40 Keplers

  • Kepler shoots Pedo bear.*

10:40 Goggles99 O_\ Bowdrie1999 has entered the Caverns. Do with them as you please. 10:40 RysTennant What is Pedo bear? :P 10:40 Goggles99 Nothing 10:40 RysTennant C'mon. :P 10:40 Goggles99 Dont even bother with it


10:41 Keplers Pedophile. Bear. 10:41 Bowdrie1999 It is the culmination of human failure. :p 10:41 Keplers C'mon. (ys) 10:41 RysTennant


10:41 Goggles99 know those "Are you **** Sirius" jokes I showed you? 10:41 RysTennant Yes :P 10:41 Goggles99 Well Pedo Bear is 30 times worse than that 10:41 RysTennant WHOA O_O

:P {
  •  :P

10:42 Keplers ... 10:42 RysTennant okay nvm Idc about Pedo bear


10:42 Goggles99 Lets look at something kewl :3 10:42 RysTennant


10:42 Goggles99 I want to wear that shirt and see if anyone high fives me in the mall :P Riolu777 has entered the Caverns. Do with them as you please. 10:43 RysTennant


10:43 Goggles99 RIIIOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D  :D  :D  :D

10:43 Zihark-Kohai CHRISSY-BABY! 10:43 Keplers "Mmkay. Where's the dragon from. Tell m." 10:43 Riolu777 Hey, guys. Just came back from seeing Gravity on IMAX. ...I'm not gonna sleep for a while. :P 10:44 Zihark-Kohai "Okay, Gogs. If you say so...then what should I call him?" 10:44 Keplers Guys. 10:44 Goggles99 "...I am the "anomoly"' you were referring to?.." 10:44 Keplers Er. My computer died. 10:44 Zihark-Kohai D: 10:44 Keplers Out of nowhere. So I'm using my iPad. 10:44 Zihark-Kohai


10:44 Keplers I have no clue how or why it died so I'm kinda worried... 10:44 Goggles99 D: 10:45 Zihark-Kohai I love the shirt, Goggy. XD Awwwww... D: D: D: @Kepler 10:45 Keplers "Yeh, you're an anomaly." "You don't belong on Earth." 10:45 Goggles99

  • sighs and turns away*

10:46 Zihark-Kohai

  • Hugs Goggy tighter*

10:46 Goggles99 "Thats what everone says" brb 10:46 Zihark-Kohai "You're okay to me..." *Whispers* 10:46 Keplers "You a hybrid, of from the Other Realm?" Riolu777 has been taken out. You must continue without. 10:46 Keplers The computer is back. Riolu777 has entered the Caverns. Do with them as you please. 10:47 Keplers AAAAH. :P Ah. :P

Goggles 99 has been taken out. You must continue without.

10:50 Riolu777 Meh, iPod. 10:50 Zihark-Kohai D: 10:51 Keplers "Wait. Fffff." "Iran was a nice place. The terrorists had nice customs. Erm." "Ffff. What's your name agin?" 10:51 Zihark-Kohai "Komachi, sir-"

  • looks aghast*

10:52 Keplers "UH huh." 10:52 Zihark-Kohai "What shall I call you?" 10:52 Keplers "And you're how old again?" *Ignores her.* 10:52 Riolu777 (Whatamiwhereamiwhatcanido) 10:52 Keplers (Who knows, a bar in Europe in 2016, whatever you want) 10:52 Zihark-Kohai "I'm seven..."

  • Politely*

10:53 Keplers "Seven. 2016, so that's 2009." "Komachi?" 10:53 Zihark-Kohai "Yes, sir."

  • Just keeps calling you that*

"Umm, what?" 10:53 Riolu777 (I can just be some new character?) 10:54 Keplers "Don't call me SIR." (You have to be, everyone else died or split up.) 10:54 Zihark-Kohai "Then what shall I call you?" 10:54 Keplers "Ah, ah. I don't know, Dad." 10:54 Zihark-Kohai

  • Brow furrows*

"...what?" 10:55 Keplers "It's complicated and not really good for a girl your age. Just 'Dad.'" 10:55 Riolu777

  • a handsome twenty-something enters the bar*

10:55 Zihark-Kohai "but...but..."

  • Wide eyes*

10:56 Riolu777

  • notices a girl talking to a man*

10:56 Keplers "Complicated, I said." 10:56 Zihark-Kohai Ummm, I'm hanging onto a dragon, too, Chrissy. "You're" 10:57 Keplers ".... I think. It all matches." May BBL. Like BRB-style but BBL. 10:57 Riolu777 "Um, pardon, but, what's a little girl doing here?" 10:57 Keplers I'll tell you when. 10:57 Zihark-Kohai ...Okay. 10:57 Keplers Yep. BRB. 10:57 Zihark-Kohai "What matches?

  • "

10:57 Keplers 5 minutes. "You have the right qualifications. You're my daughter."

Keplers has been taken out. You must continue without.

10:58 Riolu777 There's a dragon too? XD 10:58 Zihark-Kohai It's Goggy. XD 10:58 Riolu777 Oh. :P 10:59 Zihark-Kohai "Qualifications?" *Brow furrows deeper as the seven year old tries to work it out in her head* 10:59 Riolu777

  • ignores the dragon and the girl awkwardly and orders a brandy*
  • underhandedly asks the bartender to get the girl a glass of juice*